May 15 is the UN International Day of Families.

This year’s focal theme is Families and Climate Action. Families are a powerful force for global change, because the actions of families shape our everyday lives and come from the heart.

You can find out more information about International Day of Families HERE:

How might your family be affected by climate change?

What actions are you taking as individuals or as a household to raise awareness, reduce your carbon footprint, or empower others to take climate action?

This page from Rainforest Alliance offers some helpful suggestions for talking to young children about climate change.

The One World Centre’s Early Childhood Collection includes colourful, large format books and ‘family sets’ which and are an excellent way to introduce young children to the diversity of global families.






Dollar Street Families


For online inquiries, Dollar Street by Gapminder takes you into the homes of families from across the globe.




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