Researched by Dr Elaine Lewis, workshop to be held at the One World Centre on Thursday 10th Sept, 2020, at 3.30-5pm.


* Noongar educators to demonstrate activities for all year levels e.g. Nearer to Nature (N2N), eco-education centres.

*Classroom hands-on activity – activities can be used across year levels.  The same hands-on activities can be used for different year levels depending on the depth and purpose of the lesson e.g. message sticks, water preservation, detoxification of plant materials and fire management.

**Possible funding from PALS & NAIDOC Week grants; school budget; parent amenities contribution.

Note: There is an excellent new resource available linking Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Astronomy and Earth & Space Science.  The sky holds a wealth of scientific and geographic knowledge, which is interpreted and deciphered in different ways by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  More work has been done in linking the Aboriginal Cross Curriculum Priority with LAs.  For further information please check out: