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Here you can explore the range of global education resources that are available for borrowing at the One World Centre library.










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One World Centre  – Global Education Collection


Class Sets
Class sets of One World Centre and Global Education Project publications.
Teacher Resource Books
Teacher Resource Books
A specialised collection of global education resources for teachers to use in the classroom. All have been selected for their lasting relevance to the changing Australian Curriculum.
Fiction Resources
Early Childhood Collection
 A collection of pictures, stories, and hands-on items and activities to help young children explore people, places and the planet.
DVD Resources
DVD collection
This is a popular part of the collection. Many have accompanying or downloadable teacher resource notes.
Teaching Kits
Teaching and Display Kits
These contain resources in different formats on a topic. This may include posters, photographs, a DVD, websites, and suggestions of teaching activities.
Discovery Boxes
Discovery Boxes
These cross-cultural learning kits contain items from diverse countries and cultures related to topics such as daily life, school, games and beliefs. Ideas for lessons and activities are included.
Djinanginy Kadadjiny
Djinanginy Kadadjiny (Seeing & Understanding) Noongar Hands-on Kit
This hands-on kit includes Noongar artefacts, learning programs, lesson plans, work samples, assessments and other resources to enhance understanding and reconciliation.
Fiction Resources
Simulation Games
These present real situations in a simplified way. Participants have to observe rules, try to reach an objective, and have some fun while gaining an empathic understanding of a particular situation or problem.
Music Resources
The Living Library

Brings to life global issues by bringing people from diverse cultures and life experiences  into the classroom to share their stories.

Poster and Map Resources
Poster and Map Collection
A number of attractive and thought provoking posters and maps are available for loan. Examples of poster topics include children around the world, bush foods and water.