To check availability please email
or phone (08) 9371 9133 Wednesday or Thursday 9-5pm

Opening hours:

Wednesday, Thursday 9 – 5 pm
(Other times by arrangement)

How To Borrow Our Resources:

To borrow from our library, you need to have a OWC membership.

A membership form can be downloaded here (PDF).

To select your resources, either come in and visit the library, or search our on-line catalogue and email or telephone the librarian with your request.
ph: (08) 9371 9133 (Wed, Thurs)


If you work in a government school, we can use the DET courier system to send you your resources.

If you work in a private or independent school, we have a reply-paid service to send resources to you, but this does not extend to the large Discovery Boxes owing to their weight.

Pre-service teachers

If you are a student, you will need to come in and collect your resources (but that gives us a chance to meet you and show you around the library).

Organisations and Community Members

You are welcome to borrow resources from the library but will need to come into the library to do so.

Borrowing period:

Borrowing period is 3 weeks on all items except for the Discovery Boxes which are 4 weeks.

Renewal is always available on request at the end of the loan period, as long as no one has reserved the item you wish to renew.

We try to be as flexible as we can to accommodate the needs of all our borrowers.