What we do

The One World Centre specialises in equipping people to make a positive difference in an increasingly challenging and interconnected world. Through a range of workshops and consultations designed to meet the needs of the people and organisations it works with, the OWC provides professional education that fosters responsible and skilled global citizenship, and gives people the tools and motivation to work for change locally and globally.

OWC workshops and consultations enable participants to see the world in new ways, to understand specific global challenges that have an impact in the work place and beyond, and to imagine pathways to action that are informed, creative and achievable. OWC workshops enable organisations to be better equipped to make the most of the opportunities presented by an increasingly diverse and globalised world.

Who we work with

The OWC can work with a wide variety of client groups including: private companies; university faculties; government departments; primary and secondary school educators; school leaders; and community organisations.

OWC Professional Learning Progam 2018 and make contact with us to discuss what we can offer: coordinator@oneworldcentre.org.au