December is a  chance to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or New Year’s Eve, however, many students may celebrate other festivals related to their culture and faith.

Here is a selection of resources to explore and discuss which holidays, festivals and celebrations are celebrated in your classrooms, across Australia and around the world.
Learning sequences:
The Arts, Year 1 & 2: Chinese New Year
Mathematics, Year 2:
Calendar capers
The Arts, F – Year 2: Festivals of Japan
Geography, Foundation: Special places
Digital resource lists:
Year 3: National days and celebrations across Asia
Year 7: The spread of Hinduism and Buddhism
Year 7: The spread of Islam
Civics and Citizenship:
Year 4: My faith, my story
Year 4: Beliefs – Their core ideas and symbols
Year 7: A multi-faith Australia
See ABC Splash for a digibook on ‘Celebrations’ suitable for Primary School.