An explanation of our T-shirt artwork

Guided by local Indigenous artist Melissa Spillman, we shared stories and created a joint design for our new One World Centre T-shirt. The design represents OWC firmly rooted in the earth below, connected and strengthened by threads and streams to First Nations knowledges and perspectives and to the SDGs, both informing and guiding our work: in essence the design depicts the organic flow between all elements enabling continuous growth through collaboration and listening and the nurturing of understanding and action. It also represents our arms around each other.

(Guided by local Indigenous artist Melissa Spillman)

WHERE HAVE ALL THE POLLINATORS GONE? with Dr Elaine Lewis 16 August, 2023

In this workshop Elaine will investigate the insect crisis and provide classroom examples of how to embed the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander and Sustainability Cross Curriculum Priorities in Biological Science, with particular reference to a Two-Way Science perspective in a Primary context.

When: Thursday, Wednesday 16 Aug, 2023

Where: One World Centre, 5 King William Street, Bayswater

Cost Members $15, Non-Members $20


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Flyer:Where Have All The Pollinators Gone?