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Here are a couple of resources that you might find useful when teaching about the importance of growing things (including beans), nurturing the land and our environment, and living sustainably.

This Book Totally Makes Stuff Grow by Nik Afia

Great for young children, this simple little book is full of suggestions of gardening projects, and also ideas for what to do with all the fresh produce. From re-using plastic bags to make a gardening belt, to making compost, growing potatoes and sunflowers, germinating fruit pips, conducting a bug inventory, not to mention cooking baked potato faces – there’s plenty to inspire the young gardener.
(This resource links to the science understanding and science inquiry skills strands in Year 1-2.)

The Mangrove Tree: planting trees to feed families by Susan Roth and Cindy Trumbore

A fantastic book on many levels, this one describes how the work of scientist Dr Gordon Sato had a huge impact on the lives of people living in Hargigo, a village in Eritrea.
There was not enough food for the people and their animals. Dr Sato came up with the idea that if the community planted salt tolerant mangrove trees along the coastline, their leaves would provide food for the sheep and goats, who in turn give milk and meat to the families. Their roots give protection to fish that fishermen catch for food. The dried branches provide fuel for cooking. This project, and the hard work of the local people, transformed the village into a self-sufficient community.
Beautifully illustrated, this picture book is suitable for primary science.
(This resource links to the science as a human endeavor strand in Years 5-6.)

Both of these books are available for loan from the OWC library.
Contact Jenni: library@oneworldcentre.org.au