Through education that fosters global competency we can build more inclusive societies and sustainable futures.

“Reinforcing global competencies is vital for individuals to thrive in a rapidly changing world and for societies to progress without leaving anyone behind. …Citizens need not only the skills to be competitive and ready for a new world of work, but more importantly they also need to develop the capacity to analyse and understand global and intercultural issues. The development of social and emotional skills, as well as values like tolerance, self confidence and a sense of belonging, are of the utmost importance to create opportunities for all and advance a shared respect for human dignity. Together, we can foster better global competencies for more inclusive societies.” Gabriela Ramos OECD Chief of Staff and Sherpa to the G20*

Education for global citizenship equips students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to participate as global citizens in a connected and changing world. These One World Centre workshops for pre-service, graduate, primary and secondary teachers introduce educators to the principles and practices of global education, focusing on teaching strategies which support the development of global competencies.

  • Find out about the principles, values and practices of global education and how to relate these to your teaching practice and professional development.
  • Explore teaching strategies which promote global competencies* such as,
    • the acquisition of knowledge and understanding about global and intercultural issues;
    • the ability to learn from and live with people from diverse backgrounds; and
    • the attitudes and values necessary to interact respectfully with others.*
  • Discover clear links between global education and the WA Curriculum, across learning areas and encompassing the CCPs Asia literacy, sustainability and Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander histories and cultures.
  • Be introduced to the One World Centre library’s extensive collection of global education resources.

OWC workshops:

  • include a package of globally focused teaching resource books;
  • are available in a flexible format, from up to 1 hour to a full day (prices vary); and
  • are aligned to the AITSL Professional Standards for Teachers including Professional Knowledge, Professional Practice and Professional Engagement.

See our Professional Learning Program for these workshops with a global education focus:
Early Years – Global Citizenship in Early Childhood; Cultural Diversity and Identity in Early Childhood; Cultural and Social Diversity in Early Childhood.

Primary – Countries and Cultures Beyond our Own: effective teaching strategies; Education for Global Citizenship: An introduction.

Secondary – Global Focus and Citizenship Education.

Tertiary – pre-service teachers – Introduction to Global Citizenship Education (Early Childhood); Global Focus and Citizenship Education (Primary) or (Secondary).

Bookings and enquiries: or phone 9371 9133

*OECD. Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, ‘Global Competency for an Inclusive World’. (2016)