Australia has a problem, a food waste problem!

What can your school do?

With over 7.6 million tonnes of food being wasted each year, costing the economy $36.6 billion, we need to take action.

During this workshop, OzHarvest’s WA FEAST Education Coordinator, Eva Clarey, will explain how we can prevent food waste at home and at school with OzHarvest’s Food Education and Sustainability Training (FEAST). This will be followed by a fun and easy cooking session using one of the delicious FEAST recipes.

FEAST is a Global Compact Network Australia SDG program, supported by the Australian Government, addressing seven United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

When: Wednesday 17 August,  4.00-5.00pm

Where: One World Centre

Registration VIA QR CODE or through


Flyer Feast 17th August 2022 or phone (08) 9371 9133